Web development.
Creating a WordPress theme

High-quality web development of your project. I do not design the site, i work exclusively with the provided mockups.

I do:

  • HTML layout of the site, frontend development: make a working site from a "picture"
  • Server-side programming: for example, sending data from a form to an e-mail
  • Layout and creating a WordPress theme: create a WordPress theme with your design
  • Creating a WordPress theme from your HTML templates

I do not work with postpay. I cooperate exclusively through a freelance exchange with making a secure transaction: funds are frozen on the exchange account, after successful completion of the project - transferred to me, or returned to you if the project is not completed. This ensures that the project will be completed. This guarantees me that the work will be paid. I pay all commissions of the exchange.
I offer such exchanges: upwork.com, fl.ru or weblancer.net, you can also offer a convenient exchange for you, with secure transaction function.

HTML layout, frontend development

You provide the design and i make a working website from the "picture". Mockups must be in .psd format or made in zeplin, figma.

Naturally, i’m not just limited to layout, besides doing animations, various effects, and client-side programming. you will get a template with working interactive elements: forms with instant input validation, pop-up windows, sliders, calculators, timers, charts, graphs, embedding the functionality of third-party services and much more. I also perform an adaptation, adaptive layout: the template will adapt to different screen sizes, from a smartphone to a large monitor.

You will receive a site that can already be filled with content, uploaded to a hosting and opened in a browser.

Programming, backend

I perform programming on the server side, in php. For example, sending data from a form to an e-mail, reading from a database, writing to the database, parsing, integration of third-party services, and much more.

WordPress theme creation

If the site is small, for example, a business card of 5-10 pages that you can do without CMS (content management systems). But if this is a blog or news site, where there can be a lot of pages, without a CMS it will be very difficult to manage the site. One of the most popular CMS is WordPress.

I create a theme for WordPress on your mockups, after making an HTML template, or from your finished HTML template.

Cost of services

To estimate the cost, i need to see the source data, mockups, templates, technical specifications.

Contact me in any way on the Contacts page.
Describe the task, send mockups, for evaluation you can send images in jpg, png, gif and etc. formats, or a link to a remote repository.